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A-RMS Student Laptop Initiative (1:1)

The Apollo-Ridge School District is excited about the dynamic learning opportunities we will be able to provide to our students and teachers with the use of technology.  All students at the Middle School will receive a laptop.  This 1:1 initiative (every student will have a device) is just one way our district is striving toward our Mission Statement – “Inspire growth and prepare futures”. 

Student will receive their district issued laptop, charging cable(s), and protective case at the beginning of the year.  Student will have the ability to use their laptops both here at school and at home.  Allowing students to take their laptops home will allow students to complete some assignments outside of school.   Our hope is that 1:1 initiative will bring the 21st Century to the forefront, as well as engage our students in additional critical thinking, collaboration and communication activities.  

Student Laptop