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Student Athlete Positive Parenting Tips

The Apollo-Ridge Middle School feels that it is important to develop well-rounded students.  Athletics is one way to help develop individual talents in our students.  Below are some tips on helping our student athletes in a positive, respectful manner.

1.  It’s not about you, it's about the student athlete.  Do not live your own sports dreams through your children.  It’s their turn now.  Let them make their own choices, both good and bad.

2.  Never talk to a coach about your child’s playing time after a game.  Actually, you never should talk to a coach about playing time.  Your child should be the one to talk to the coach about playing time.

3.  NEVER yell at referees.  They are trying and doing their best.  If you have a real issue, talk to the athletic director or contact the PIAA.

4.  Do NOT coach your kid from the sideline.  Your job is to be a cheerleader and a good role model, not a coach.

5.  It is EXTREMELY UNLIKELY you are raising a professional athlete.  Relax, let them have a good time and learn the lessons they are supposed to be learning in sports.

6.  Kids should play the sport that is in season until they are in middle school.  Then they can decide which one or two sports they want to play and become more focused.  Cross training prevents injuries and burnout.

7.  If you have nothing nice to say, sit down and be quiet.  Don't be "that" parent.

8.  Let them fail.  Forgotten equipment, not working out, not practicing at home?  Let them suffer the consequences of that.  It will make them better.

9.  Your kids are watching you.  Make them proud, not embarrassed. 

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