Student Laptop Use and Care

  • Charge your laptop every night:   Be sure to plug your laptop in every night at your house so that it receives a full charge. 
  • Makeup is a must if you do not have your laptop:  If you lose or damage your laptop (or come to class without it), you are still responsible for all your coursework.  Alternate assignments could be given if a student does not have their laptop. 
  • Keep only school-appropriate media on your computer:  Inappropriate media should not be on the school issued laptop.  The laptop should not be used to take photos unless it is part of an assignment or you are instructed to do so by school staff. 
  • Do not take images, video or audio without subject consent and school staff permission:  Taking pictures and recording audio or video without permission is inappropriate, and without consent is unlawful. Posting them to the Internet is a violation of our school policies. 
  • Obey copyright:  Individually purchased, legal, school-appropriate media is allowed on your laptop.  However, you may be asked to remove any media files at any time. Illegal downloading and distributing copyrighted works are serious offences and carry with them the risk of substantial fines and criminal prosecution.  Copyright infringement violates the District’s Internet Acceptable Use Policy and will lead to disciplinary action.
  • Keep browsing safe and through the school filter:  The District’s IT department works responsibly to ensure that potentially inappropriate sites are blocked by the District’s Internet filter and software, in accordance with all applicable laws. Students are expected to abide by the Internet Acceptable Use Policy, and are in violation if they access sites through proxies or otherwise circumvent the school filter.
  • Turn down the volume and pull out the headphones:  Speakers are to be muted at all times, unless you are granted permission by your teacher for instructional purposes. You may also use your personal headphones at teacher discretion.
  • Leave the District-loaded programs on your laptop:  Do not delete any District-loaded programs, folder, files, or file management software.  Deletion of certain files or programs will interfere with your ability to complete coursework.
  • Do not take your laptop to lunch:  First, eating and drinking while using your laptop is bad for your personal hygiene because germs are more likely to be spread from the device to your mouth.  Secondly, doing so puts your laptop at risk of permanent damage to the function and life of your device.  This is considered neglect.  A laptop with damage as a result of spilled liquids or foods is not covered by the district.  If this occurs, students/parents will be responsible for the repairs/replacement.  This is why you are instructed to leave your laptop in your locker during lunch (or while eating or drinking at any time).
  • Never leave your laptop exposed to extreme elements:  Laptops are sensitive to heat and liquids, therefore leaving them in direct sunlight, outdoors, or anywhere they could get hot, cold, damp or wet should be avoided. This is also considered neglect.
  • Notify your teachers if your laptop has a problem:  Whether your laptop is not functioning properly, has suffered some damage, or is missing, it is your responsibility to let a school official know as soon as possible.  Never try to repair your laptop yourself. Clean it only with a dry cloth.
  • No Expectation of Privacy:  Students have no entitlement of privacy or confidentiality with regard to any usage of an laptop issued by the District, regardless whether the usage happens for school-related purposes or not.  At any time, without prior notice of consent, the District may access, supervise, view, monitor, log, and record student data and browser use history of laptops at any time.  From time to time, the District may conduct random physical checks of laptops and inspect their contents and condition.
  • Monitoring Software:  School administrators, teacher, and instructional technology staff may use monitoring software that allows them to view screens and activity on student laptops.
  • Files Downloaded onto laptops:  All images, documents, files, and programs downloaded onto the laptop become the property of Apollo-Ridge School District as allowable by law.
Student Laptop