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The Dangers of Vaping - What Parents Need to Know?

E-cigarettes are exploding in popularity, and are being used by both adolescents and adults. They are not a safe alternative to cigarette smoking.

E-cigarettes, personal vaporizers, vape pens, e-cigars, pod systems, e-hookah, or vaping devices, are products that produce an aerosolized mixture containing flavored liquids and nicotine that is inhaled by the user. E-cigarettes can resemble traditional tobacco products like cigarettes, cigars, pipes, or common gadgets like flashlights, flash drives, or pens.  All of these items are not permitted to be used on school grounds.  

Below is information we hope parents find useful relative to vaping and E-cigarettes.  We periodically hold after school parent trainings on vaping and other health related topics such as drugs and alcohol.