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Apollo-Ridge Middle School Home of the Vikings


Each teacher posts their homework and assignments to their Microsoft Team's page.  Parents will be given their child's Microsoft Teams Username and Password.  Parents can use this login information to view all of their child's Teams pages, view nightly homework assignments, view classroom documents, etc.  We highly encourage parents/guardians to check these Teams pages daily for announcements, homework, upcoming projects and tests, etc.  If you can't log into Microsoft Teams, please ask your child for their Username and Password.  Username and Password directions are located on the left side of this page as well.
NOTE:  Parents can download the Microsoft Teams App for FREE to their smart phone or tablet.  You can enter your child's Username and Password one time (be sure to click remember username and password) and it will save to your device.  This will allow for 24/7 easy access to your child's classes.