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A-RMS "Gives Back"

The Apollo-Ridge Middle School strives to develop well-rounded students.  One of the ways we do this is by leading various philanthropic activities throughout the year.  Through philanthropy, students develop empathy, along with organizational, collaborative, and leadership skills that will help students for years to come. Through these various organized activities led by our many different student-led groups such as the A-RMS Student Council and the A-RMS LEO Club, students become witnesses to the differences they make when we provide them a platform to help cultivate change.  As students get older and become more involved in volunteering, charities and helping people in need, they also become more invested in our local community.  It also helps them develop a deeper connection to where they are from and strengthens their sense of belonging which proves to be very important in the social and emotional development of middle school age children.  Feel free to view the various different philanthropic activities the Apollo-Ridge Middle School participates in and she for yourself how A-RMS "Gives Back"!
A-RMS Gives Back