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Apollo-Ridge Middle School Home of the Vikings

Pop-up Image Letter to Parents

During a 7th grade class today, an inappropriate image inadvertently popped up on a teacher’s computer that was being displayed to the class.  This image appeared because of a virus/malware that was located on the teacher’s computer.  Once the teacher noticed the image on the screen, he took immediate action to remove it from view of the students.  This incident occurred in only one class, however the district took immediate action.  We will investigate the situation to determine what virus/malware caused this incident to occur.  Further, we will eliminate any such viruses/malware from the teacher’s computer to try to avoid this from happening in the future.  We take incidents like this very seriously and want to take a proactive approach to communicating with the parents/guardians regarding this event.  If you have any questions about this situation, please do not hesitate to contact the school at (724) 478-6000 ext:  2000.  You can also view the letter that was sent home to parents by clicking the PDF file below or going to the Parent Letter/Handouts section of the Middle School Website.  

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