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Apollo-Ridge Middle School Home of the Vikings

PSSA Relief Week

The Apollo-Ridge Middle School Student Council will be sponsoring a PSSA Relief Week.  Show your school spirit and unwind from the stresses of the grind of the PSSA's.  Here are the theme's for each day:
  • Monday, May 6:  Sleep off the PSSA's (PJ Day)
  • Tuesday, May 7:  Don't get your life mixed up without PSSA's (Wear Mixed Matched Clothing)
  • Wednesday, May 8:  Tour away from the PSSA's (Wear your tacky tourist gear)
  • Thursday, May 9:  A future without PSSA's - YES WAY (Dress for your future jobs)
  • Friday, May 10:  Hero of the PSSA (Wear your favorite superhero attire)

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