Community Based Instruction (CBI)

Community Based Instruction Program
Our Community Based Instruction Program (CBI) has proven to be very beneficial to the students here in Apollo-Ridge School District.  Community Based Instruction is for students in grades 6-12 who have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP).  The goal of CBI is to provide students "real life work experiences" in the community setting and to give students hands on activities to help acquire the skills they need to be successful in the "real world" after graduation.  The Apollo-Ridge School District has partnered with the following local businesses: Naser's, St. Vincent DePaul, and Indiana Country Club.  
In addition to the CBI trips (2x per month), students will be participating in a transition curriculum that will teach a variety of skills that they will need to obtain employment and have a successful transition from high school to the "real world".
Skills included in our transition curriculum will include but not limited to the following topics:
  • interview skills
  • mock interviews
  • meal prep/planning
  • job application/form completion
  • problem solving
  • independent living
  • medication management
  • preparing foods
  • managing a household/chores
  • banking skills
  • community skills
  • communication skills
  • budgeting
  • nutrition
  • telephone skills 
Students are assessed on a work place rubric which is attached:  
CBI dates can be found on the calendar section of this webpage as well as the attachment named CBI Notification.