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Ms. Stahl


  Ms. Angel Stahl

Grade Level(s):

  6th - 12th Grade

Courses Taught:

STEM Courses:
6th Grade: Computer Science 1
7th Grade: Automation & Robotics and Computer Science 2
8th Grade: Magic of Electrons and Design and Modeling
9th - 12th Grade: Automation & Robotics and Physical Computing (Semester 1) and Mechanical Drawing 1, 2, & 3 (Semester 2)


  [email protected]

Phone Number:

  (724) 478-6000  Ext: 2128

Room Number:

  Middle School Media Center


Seton Hill University:
  • Master of Arts Special Education & Specialization in Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Master of Arts in Elementary Education
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Management


This is my fourth year as the Business, Computer and Information Technology Teacher at Apollo-Ridge Middle School and High School.  Prior to joining the A-R team, I have over five years of experience teaching in Learning Support, Multiple Disability Support, and Technology classrooms. 
Course Supplies
(All Courses)

  • Folder 

  • Charged Laptop & Charger 

  • Pencils, Pens, Erasers & Colored Pencils and Highlighters 

  • Ear Buds (NOT HEADPHONES) 

  • USB Mouse

  • Various technology kits and supplies provided in class 

All items are to be brought to class every day.  When students are working at home on virtual days, all items are to be available to work on assignments at home. 
Middle school students are to read the Teams assignment and posts for the day and login to Clever and PLTW upon entering the classroom.  
All students are to obtain supplies for projects started the previous day and begin working.   
How To Access Teams & Assignments Video
ARMS STEM 2019-2020
2022 - 2023 Open House Presentation


MS Office365 Application Instructional Videos

This instructional video provides basic information on using MS Office365 applications.

OneNote (Class Notebook) Instructional Video

This instructional video will provide you training on how to use Class Notebook. Class NoteBook is an online digital notebook.

How to use OneDrive Instructional Video

This instructional video will provide you with direction and training on how to login to Apollo-Ridge OneDrive and using OneDrive

How to use Teams Training

This instructional video will provide you with directions and features for using Teams.

ARSD Account Access

This video will provide you with directions on how to access your Apollo-Ridge School District (ARSD) MS Office365 account. Your account is used for many different applications at ARSD. Memorize your email address and password.

Apollo-Ridge High School Students Explore Robotics & Physical Computing

Using Hummingbird Bit Kits provided by ABC Create, Apollo-Ridge high school students learn how to program mechanisms and robots.

Little Drummer Robot using Hummingbird Technologies

This little drummer Nicolas was created using a Hummingbird, 2 servos, a microbit, battery pack and some items I had around my home. What would you have used to make your robot?