S.A.P. Team Facts

What is S.A.P. and what does it do? 
The S.A.P. team is a student assistance program designed to improve the equality of education in our school by providing help to those students who are at risk. Using trained school staff and community resources, S.A.P. focuses on identifying student behaviors which adversely affect learning.
How was theS.A.P. Team formed? 
Volunteer staff members attended training sessions to be certified and meet state requirements to serve as team members. This group, the S.A.P. team, assists the school staff in identifying and referring students at risk.
How is a referral made? 
A referral may be made by contacting any S.A.P. team member, building administrator, guidance counselor, or any classroom teacher. Referral forms are available in the office, near the S.A.P. Team Bulletin Board and online. Once a form is filled out, it may be given to any of the team members. Team members are identified by a sign on their doors.
What about confidentiality? 
Confidentiality will be maintained in the best interest of the student. Only those staff members directly involved with the referred student are a part of this process.
SAP Team Facts